Benefits Vegetarian Diet Diabetics

Diabetics have to choose whatever food they eat much attention because each choice of foods they do has a profound impact on their overall health on a meal meal. Diabetes affects people of all ages, of both sexes, of all walks of life and backgrounds. Left untreated, it can cause wounds heal slowly, infections take longer to heal, blindness and kidney failure. Diet is one of the most important ways to control diabetes, and vegetarian lifestyle with its emphasis on low-fat, fiber, and foods rich in nutrients is very complementary.

Affects more than 30 million people worldwide, this illness prevents your body from properly processing foods. Usually, most of the food we eat is digested and converted into glucose, a sugar that is transported by the blood to all cells in the body and used to produce energy. The hormone insulin helps move glucose into cells. Diabetics but are not able to control the amount of glucose in the blood because the mechanism that converts sugar into energy is not working properly. Insulin is absent, present in quantities insufficient or ineffective. As a result the glucose accumulates in the blood and leads to problems such as weakness, inability to concentrate, loss of coordination and blurred vision. If the right balance of food intake and insulin is not maintained, a diabetic may also experience blood sugar levels too low. If this condition persists for an extended period of time, can lead to coma and death.

Although incurable, diabetes can be successfully controlled through diet and exercise, oral medications, injections of insulin, or a combination. Instead of counting calories diabetics must calculate the total intake of carbohydrates so that no less than half their food consists of complex carbohydrates. Many vegetarians diabetics have discovered that due to their diet without meat, they had to use less insulin injections, which gives them a sense of power and control over their illness.

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