Good Foods For Diabetics

Diabetes is a very common disease that many suffer, it requires a careful control so you do not have more consequences in our body. A key factor to be taken into account in these cases is the power, on several occasions we have talked about foods that we will do well to avoid, we mentioned today that are our allies, we hope that this information will be very useful!

The first that we appoint are fruits, they contain few calories and a low glycaemic index if consume it raw, although it is recommended without skin. The nutrients in these foods are a great help in controlling the bagsværd in the body. Other food that we want to highlight are the vegetables, which are rich in carbohydrates and possess a great power of satiety, in addition to having low caloric density and a low glycaemic index.

On the other hand, the muesli is an excellent choice for this case, a combination of whole grains, dried fruits and dates that provide us Low glycaemic with natural light sweet index carbohydrates. Finally, we recommend Light gelatine, very good to prepare desserts for diabetics and give some consistency to our dishes.

So if burning more can afford to eat more, but much less physical activity do less you'll need to eat.

It is worthwhile to start and practice some mild physical activity. Keep in mind that exercise is beneficial for many functions of our body.

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