Almonds healthy diabetics

Continued scientific research on the effectiveness of natural foods, like nuts, especially almonds and walnuts, confirming their value as an agent in the struggle to control blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes. Several research studies have been conducted in recent years that show the beneficial effects obtained by the consumption of almonds and afford protection to diabetes, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

To cite just one of the controlled studies, published in May 2010 in the electronic pages of, the research involved adults with type 2 diabetes. Participants were divided into two groups with a group of adding almonds diabetic food list of appropriate foods to eat and the other group not to. The almond-eating group consumed about 2 ounces (60 grams) of almonds a day - which is about 50 nuts.

The randomized crossover clinical trial 12 weeks was designed to determine whether eating almonds would improve glycemic control and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease

details are given in the long final report, but the positive results obtained from the clinical trial provided the following summary:

Our results suggested that the incorporation of almonds into a healthy diet has beneficial effects on adiposity, glycemic control and lipid profile, thereby potentially decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Thus, as expected, almonds and other nuts too, is indicated to help the cause when dealing with raising the level of blood sugar in diabetes, also help lower LDL, known as the bad form of cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications that often follow both diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

A further advantage, as indicated in the summary noted above, it is the effects on fat, which means can help to combat obesity and is well known that obesity leads to diabetes. In America today, obesity and diabetes are being diagnosed at increasing rates, the epidemics that will place a heavy burden of costs for health care of all Americans are becoming.

So we can conclude that almonds should be on our list of food diabetic, they are cheap, especially in the types of stores in bulk barn, and are available from most grocery stores.

Please note, some people are severely allergic to nuts, especially for some children, and every accidental deaths occur annually from eating them.

and a simple caution with regard to the almonds and the fat content
There is a type of fat - is a good fat called monounsaturated fat - found in nuts that you're trying to provide some protection, but it should be noted that the fat is higher than 9 calories per gram than other nutrients is , proteins and carbohydrates, which provide 4 calories per gram. So 2 ounces of almonds would provide about 340 calories.

Therefore, if a person decides to add almonds to your diet, every day or perhaps several times a week, it is important to adjust daily food intake to account for the added calories - because the excess calories lead to excess fat, not good for the diabetic or any other person.

In conclusion
personally, as a type 2 diabetic myself, it seems worthwhile to add almonds to my list of food diabetic. For variety, I tend to mix almonds with other nuts, especially walnuts and maybe peanuts are all good apparently. Do not dislike nuts, but I know that 50 is more than I can eat nuts at one time so that many would spread throughout the day and probably do not eat that many each day, perhaps more than a couple of days, but I plan to stock - I need help in better control my blood sugar levels.

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